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Lawn Mower Electric PTO Clutch for AYP Husqvarna 105406, 105406X, 122162X, 539105406

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Fits the following application

  • Dixon Grizzly and Grizzly Pro 52, 60 and 72;
  • Husqvarna iZ52, iZ61, LTH5221, LTH5223, LZ25, LZ30, LZ5225,LZ5227, LZ6123, LZ6125, LZ6127, LZ6130, LZ7227, LZ7230, LZC5225, LZC5227, LZC6130, LZF5227 and LZF6127 Kees ZCKH61271, ZMKH52251, ZMKH52252, ZMKH61251, ZMKH61252, ZVHO61242, ZVHO61243, ZVKE61260, ZVKE61261, ZVKE72260, ZVKE72261, ZVKH52230, ZVKH52231 and ZVKH61250

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