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Reseller Terms and Condition

  1. You need to buy items at wholesale.
  2. Minimum purchase of $5000 worth of products at one order.
  3. The product is priced ex OakTen warehouse, not including the shipping. The buyer has to either arrange the pick-up or request OakTen to ship at the buyer’s cost.
  4. Product listing and descriptions must correspond with the description provided by OakTen to the Reseller.
  5. The Reseller has to be responsible for all the customer service after the order is shipped out, which includes technical support, product returns.
  6. No Return or Refund for purchased items.
  7. A replacement will be provided if the product is defective or delivered the wrong item.
  8. The refund will be accepted only if approved Product OEM Reference at OakTen website wrong from the buyer.
  9. OakTen shall process the return with the Reseller on the monthly basis with the following procedure:
    1. The Reseller has all the return collected at its facility, inspected and verified, put all the return cases in a file, then email to OakTen.
    2. Within 3 days, OakTen will send an instruction to the Reseller and have the returns ship to the OakTen warehouse.
    3. OakTen processes the refund to the reseller account.
  10. OakTen makes no representations and gives no warranties, express or implied that making the Products available in any particular jurisdiction outside the US and Canada.
  11. No restrictions to sell on any eCommerce platform but product descriptions will correspond with the description provided by OakTen.


Intellectual property rights

  1. OakTen is the owner or licensee of all Intellectual Property Rights forming part of the Products and has the right to grant the sub-licenses set out in the Conditions.
  2. The Conditions shall not be construed to convey or transfer any ownership or proprietary interest in any Intellectual Property Rights in the Products to Reseller or any other party.
  3. Reseller agrees that it will not sell, license, lease, rent, loan, lend, transmit, network, or otherwise distribute or transfer the Products in any manner to third parties except as is expressly permitted otherwise in the Conditions.