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Dropshipping Policy

  1. As a drop-ship supplier, OakTen will ensure all the product descriptions and OEM references are correct. All the product ships are alternative to the relevant OEM number listed.
  2. The dropshipper has to be responsible for all the customer service after the order is shipped out, which includes technical support, product returns.
  3. OakTen accepts product returns within 30 days upon the date of delivery.
  4. The following returns will be accepted and all the return associated costs will be refunded by OakTen.

a.  Product is defective.

b.  Product received is shipped wrong.

c.  Approved Product OEM Reference at OakTen website wrong from the buyer.

  1. The following returns will be accepted, but subject to a restocking fee and the customer has to pay return shipping.

a.  Customer bought it wrong, part does not fit his equipment.

b.  Customer bought by mistake.

c.  Customer no longer need the product.

  1. For the returns which are eligible for sending a replacement part to the customer, the dropshipper shall send a re-send request to OakTen.
  1. OakTen shall process the return with the dropshipper on the monthly basis with the following procedure:

a.  The dropshipper has all the return collected at its facility, inspected and verified, put all the return cases in a file, then email to OakTen.

b.  Within 3 days, OakTen will send an instruction to the dropshipper and has the returns ship to the OakTen warehouse.

c.  OakTen processes the refund to the dropshipper account.

★ Customer Reviews ★

★ Customer Reviews ★

724 reviews

Outstanding. Worked perfectly.

Exact Fit

Installed onto a Honda GX 200. Took a whole 5 minutes to replace. Much cheaper and easier then cleaning and tearing apart the old carb and putting back together. Ordered 2 more as backups.

Perfect foot, started right up. Love it when things are easy and go as planned.

Perfect foot, started right up. Love it when things are easy and go as planned.

Perfect Fit

Perfect fit, and a lot cheaper than OEM. Just make sure you grease them before you install because they come dry.


ben mon moteur y marche asteur