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Fits the following ZAMA carburetors: C1Q-DM1 C1Q-DM6,A C1Q-DM7,A C1Q-DM8,A-B C1Q-DM9,A-B C1Q-DM10A-B C1Q-EL21,A C1Q-EL22,A C1Q-EL23,A C1Q-EL27 C1Q-M27,A-D C1Q-M28,A-D C1Q-M33,A-D C1Q-M36,A C1Q-S11C-G C1Q-S16A C1Q-S37,A-B C1Q-S46,A-B C1Q-S75,A-B C1Q-S76,A-B C1Q-S77,A-B C1Q-S84,A-C C1Q-S85,A-C C1Q-S86,A-C C1Q-S87,A-C C1Q-S89,A-C C1Q-S90,A-B C1Q-S91,A C1Q-S92,A C1Q-S102,A C1Q-S106,A C1Q-S107,A C1Q-Z4 C1Q-Z5 G1L-E11,A.

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