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Walbro K22-HDA

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Fits Walbro carburetor models HDA-3,HDA-6,HDA-10,HDA-13,HDA-15,HDA-16,HDA-17,HDA-18,HDA-19,HDA-22,HDA-23,HDA-24,HDA-27,HDA-29,HDA-30,HDA-31,HDA-32,HDA-34,HDA-35,HDA-36,HDA-40,HDA-41,HDA-42,HDA-43,HDA-46,HDA-48,HDA-49,HDA-50,HDA-52,HDA-54,HDA-55,HDA-56,HDA-57,HDA-58,HDA-59,HDA-60,HDA-61,HDA-64,HDA-66,HDA-67,HDA-68,HDA-69,HDA-71,HDA-72,HDA-73,HDA-74,HDA-75,HDA-77,HDA-84,HDA-86,HDA-87,HDA-88,HDA-92,HDA-93,HDA-96,HDA-98,HDA-99,HDA-101,HDA-102,HDA-103,HDA-106,HDA-107,HDA-108,HDA-109,HDA-110,HDA-111,HDA-114,HDA-115,HDA-116,HDA-117,HDA-118,HDA-119,HDA-120,HDA-125,HDA-126,HDA-127,HDA-128,HDA-130,HDA-131,HDA-133,HDA-137,HDA-141,HDA-142,HDA-143,HDA-144,HDA-146,HDA-148,HDA-154,HDA-155,HDA-158,HAD-159,HDA-160,HDA-162,HDA-164,HDA-165,HDA-168,HDA-169,HDA-170,HDA-172,HDA-173,HDA-178,HDA-179,HDA-180,HDA-187,HDA-188,HDA-192,HDA-193,HDA-195,HAD-196 AND HDA-205.

Cross Reference

  • Walbro K22-HDA
  • Use D22-HDA if you need a diaphragm and gasket kit


  • Dolmar 116, 120
  • Echo CS5000, CSV453, CS500 EVL, CS551, CS601 TVL, CST610
  • Exmak 945, 950, 956, 962
  • Fuji Robin EC-12
  • Homelite 300, 350, 360, 420, DM38, Super 2, VI Super 2

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★ Customer Reviews ★

★ Customer Reviews ★

8764 reviews
It works and fits right

It's awesome 👌

Perfect fit for 54" Craftsman Zero turn mower with a KT735 Kohler engine.

Perfect fit for 54" Craftsman Zero turn mower with a KT735 Kohler engine. Quickest shipment and delivery ahead of schedule.

Perfect fit

Starter fit perfectly, functions flawlessly. Gave new life to an old 1997 motor. Ordered a second one for spare.

A third the price

The starter arrived on time and slipped right into place.The Amazon pricing was about a third that of the brand-name starter for essentially the same thing. It can be achallenge to find obscure items like this starter for a40-year-old ride-on mower, but worth the time if you havepatience.