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Tillotson RK-21HU

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Fits Tillotson carburetor models HU-99E, HU-100D, HU-103A, HU-103B, HU-106A, HU-107A, HU-107B, HU-107C, HU-107D, HU-107E, HU-108A, HU-108B, HU-108C, HU-108D, HU-108E, HU-109A, HU-110A, HU-112A, HU-112B, HU-112C, HU-112D, HU-112E, HU-113A, HU-113B, HU-113C, HU-114A, HU-114B, HU-114C, HU-114D, HU-114E, HU-118A, HU-119A, HU-120A. 

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  • Tillotson RK-21HU

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